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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some People Say I Need Help

Boy, what a summer. Hot, hot, hot. Busy, busy, busy. After we finished painting the deck, we took a weekend to celebrate our 50th anniversary. This week we started the busy stuff all over again. After all the painting, etc. the last few weeks, we've been trying to get the house and yard in shape for a visit from Joyce's older sis and her husband.

I went outside a few minutes ago to run to the grocery and nearly fell off the deck because my glasses fogged up so bad. What with all that work earlier this week and the endless heat and humidity, sometimes you feel like you need some help. Help!

Where's Billy Swan when you need him? Remember Billy?

Joyce's sis and her husband are due in about an hour. They're great people and have travelled all over the world, but from our perspective, they're way out there on the liberal limb, so we definitely try to stay away from politics during our conversations. They're pretty tired from travel so we're mainly going to watch old movies and eat, drink beer, and snack. And nap. Sounds like a winner to me.

I'm hoping to be back in a regular blogging mode by next Wednesday. Until then, pardon my lack of posts.

Welcome to my new readers: Staci, Kold, Steve, Kristin, and Mal. I promise to post something new and worthy of your attention soon. I've already looked at your sites once and I'll be checking them out in more detail.

In the meantime, I'm still reading my regular blogs (Andy's, Barry's, Buck's, and George's) as well as Jeanne's and Big Ed's fabulous emails. I may not be commenting, but I'm still there, reading, and keeping an eye out for all you guys.

Andy, that was a great post about the "Caricature" and the tragic death of her sister's new baby. Just when you think you've got somebody pegged, they show you another side. Those other recent posts about your new job have all been interesting to me; sounds like you're getting back into the 9 to 5 life.

And Barry, as always your blog is filled with great new posts. I especially enjoyed the pics and comments about the visit of your son and his lady friend and I also enjoyed the piece on Russell Kirk. BTW, I spent over an hour looking at those depression era color photos you posted. (I missed these at first and then followed an Andy link to check them out. Great pics.)

Buck, I enjoyed the post about your lovely Miata and think her new ass-lift looks fantastic. But that Tart. She's got a super looking ass end as well. I'm looking forward to your hockey posts too--BTW is hockey as dangerous as horse racing? I read somewhere that horse racing was the most dangerous sport.

And George, it seems like you've found your Eldorado. I got a kick out of that Oba-Mao photoshop. Good pic of you and your dog Tige too. Wonder if I'm the only one old enough to get that allusion?

Note to Buck: Fat Tire is in the house! Great stuff. But I think I prefer Labatt's Blue. Just me.


  1. Liberal family guests? My son and his lady friend have been totally indoctrinated by British socialism. My son knows that I think he is deluded and I promised not to say anything political while they were here but...

    I couldn't keep biting my tongue. At first they said I was "patronizing." Later they asked questions. Of course they are still young and fairly open-minded.

    You can bite your tongue but don't chew it.

  2. Heh! That's a good comment, Barry! Gave me a chuckle.

    Dan, thanks for keeping us in the loop, and for the kind words about my Caricature. Yes, just when you think you've got someone pegged...well, like you said.

    I'll be reading when you get back at it. Have a good one, Pal!

  3. I'm with Barry. There's nothing wrong with studiously avoiding contentious subjects, but if you're provoked... well, all bets (and the gloves) should be off.

    Questions, etc. ... I think horse racing IS more dangerous than hockey. There have been very, very few deaths on the ice (only one comes to mind and that was in the rather distant past). I did some quick googling and found this:

    There have been ~35,500 games played in the post-expansion NHL. Figuring 40 participants per game, that is 1.4 million man-hours of hockey. In that sample, we've seen one accidental death: Bill Masterton way back in 1968. The death rate is 0.7 per million hours of NHL hockey. He is the only player in NHL history to die as a direct result of an on-ice incident, and he'd probably still be alive today if he had been wearing a helmet.

    re: Fat Tire. Glad you liked it! I'd still recommend you keep your eye out for Mothership Wit, which is also a New Belgium beer... and it's lighter than Fat Tire.

    Finally: Thanks for the kind words. Enjoy your visit!