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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Things

1. Joyce had a follow up visit with her surgeon yesterday and she got a good report too. Because her oncologist extended her interval between chemo treatments from 2 to 3 weeks, she says she's enjoying the extra week of feeling at least half way like a human being. She goes in for her 4th and final dose of "Big Red" next Tuesday and after a couple of weeks will move into the second phase of treatment which involves a different drug, taxil.

2. When we were coming home from her third treatment two weeks ago, we stopped for a sandwich at a drive in. The Avalon failed again. The car was running fine. I turn it off for a minute and then it won't even turn over--dead as the proverbial doornail. That makes the second time in two months. The dealer can't find the problem. Guess if Joyce feels okay Thursday, we might look around for a new car. How does an Infiniti G37 coupe sound to you? Or maybe one of those Hyundai Genesis coupes? I'll keep you posted.

3. Just returned from a Dr. visit myself for a coumadin level check up. Remember my clot, back in August? Try as I may, I haven't been able to forget it. It's been 6 months now and the doc said I should go 2 more weeks on 1/2 a coumadin pill then stop. That's good news. I should then double my baby asprin dose. I go back in 2 months to make sure my blood isn't as thick as Mrs. Butterworth's syrup because of all those cheeseburgers and the slabs of cheesy pizza I eat on a daily basis. :-)

4. I changed my header pic today. I know, I'm probably rushing things. This is from last spring, but I'm using it. It's a chilly 48 and the sky is that Nashville gray, but everything looks good for Thursday, 70 and sunshine, so I felt like going for it. Brightens things up a bit at the old Post.


  1. Hey, good news on Joyce's condition! And you absolutely must get rid of that car. You can't have something that's as unreliable as that.

  2. Dan, Good report on Joyce, the new schedule should help.
    That Avalon has got to go!!! I like your two choices, the G 37 is one fine car. Sleek like your Jag.
    The baby aspirin works. Sounds like things are looking up. Cheeseburgers and pizza, breakfast of champions!

  3. Yupper, very good news regarding Joyce's condition and the way she's feeling.

    The "G37" definately mate!!

  4. I'll add my "that's great" about Joyce. And you, too, Dan... on the health front.

    On the cars... I'd stay away from the Hyundai. That's prolly just my bias comin' thru, but I once had a mechanic friend in the way-back who was appalled at the cheap construction of their motors. He exaggerated a bit when he said he could bend the connecting rods with his bare hands, but not much... according to him. Still, ya see a lot of those things on the road these days.

  5. Deb, Scooney, Cookie, Buck, thanks for your kind words about Joyce and what she's going through. I wrote this on Tuesday and since then she's developed a black toenail; we're not sure if it's caused by the chemo or if it's something else, but the doctor wants to see her. Her own doctor is on vacation this week but another doc in his office will see her this Friday.

    Thanks to all of you who commented on the cars as well. The advice you gave is sound and I won't ignore it. But these two cars are just on my "dream" list anyway, so in the end I'll probably stay practical and get a sedan of some kind.