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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Andy Iffen You Are A True Redneck, What's Wrong With West Virginny?

Andy done got the folks over at his place all stirred up about something called WV. I doan unnerstan a lotta that teknikal talkin about captcha and all, and I shore don't unnerstan what he's so mad at West Virginny for. These young whippersnappers today like Andy just ain't got no respect for anything. I've been to West Virginia and I'm here to tell you that it's a fine state.

They got a lotta coal up there in West Virginny, some purdy mountains, and one a my cuzins got a still makes some fine corn likker. I know they fought on the wrong side of the War of Northern Digression but that's been a long time ago now and the Statue of Ramifications has done run out. So dang it, lissen now, iffen you gonna get all nasty bout West Virginny or any other state, cep'n mebbe Californy, just git off'n my blog an stay off.

Remember, there's a lot can be said about Loosiana too, but Imma keepin' my mouth shut. For now.

What's that? My wife's talkin' to me.

Word Verification? What's that?


Never mind.


  1. One of my bestest AF Buds was from Charleston, WV, and we NEVER got tired o' raggin' on him for that fact. But he was cool about it.

    I've never been up that way and prolly never will. Inertia gets a lot stronger the older ya get.

  2. NYUK! Go ahead on and say what needs said about Louisiana.

    We do.

    Dan, it's funny...#2 son lived for several years in Columbus, OH. Probably his best friend in life is a guy that we shall call "Merk." (Because that's his name)

    Merk lived in Columbus, attended THE ohio state, and roomed with Ross off and on for years.

    Poor Merk was from West Wheeling, OH. And, did that poor guy ever take a ribbing! The mere mention of "Wheeling" set all those ohioans to guffawing. Merk did his best to explain that he REALLY, REALLY, REALLY was not from WV...

    But, people laughed anyway.

    With good reason.

  3. Buck, Like your bud, I'm always for staying cool in that kind of situation. Some guys can get pissed real fast and beyond common sense if someone's making fun of their state. As for WV, I've only been through there once, just driving somewhere else. It was pretty but there were plenty of hills and hollows you could get lost in.

  4. Andy, I think I'll save those comments on La. for a post. No, maybe a whole book. Just kidding. We actually have some fond memories of our 6 months down there in Hammond when I had my first job.