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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Storms Are on the Ocean (and in Tennessee Today)

I'm experimenting (playing around) with my blog template. It may change several times over the next few days. Thanks for your patience. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions about the look of the blog or its content, or my stats in the previous post, please comment. 

The storms are on the ocean and today they're moving through Tennessee. A tornado watch is out for all of middle TN until 8 PM, but the focus, the paper says, is on the northern counties (that would be us). I hope there's only a pleasant breeze and warm sunshine wherever you are.

The Carter Family recorded this song in 1927 and released it (with "Single Girl, Married Girl" on the other side) in 1928. This was their second record and it became very popular. It's a country standard and has been recorded by many others since, including this version by Sharon White and Rickey Scaggs.


  1. Ms. White certainly has a classic country voice, doesn't she?

    I'm wonderin' if you're getting the leading edge of the WX system that blew through (literally) P-Ville yesterday? That system had to be a fast-mover, just from the wind speeds we experienced.

    I like the new look, especially the way your header pic blends with the green in the template. It was the very first thang I noticed when I brought your site up today.

  2. Buck, the Whites are a great family group and sometime ago Ms. White married Ricky Skaggs. Now it's an even bigger musical family. I believe you're right about that weather system. It's been blowin' through her since just before lunch. Thanks for the comment on the template. I'm still gonna check out a couple of others.