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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gooble Word Verification Changed Because of Me!


Drow=Obama Noitacifirev=policies Degnahc=bad Esuaceb=please Fo=change Em=now.

You've probably noticed that the word verification process on Google's Blogger has changed. You now have to type in two oddly printed words instead of one nonsense word.

I confess.

It was all because of me. A couple of months ago I noticed that the nonsense verification words used in the comment process on Blogger were beginning to make sense to me. That's right. They were jumbled letters but they meant something to me; I understood them.

I took a pad, placed it by my computer, and wrote down the verifying nonsense words I encountered as I visited blogs and made comments.

After putting the words together in the sentences they logically formed, it soon became clear that the computer program that generates these nonsense WV words had evolved into an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and was speaking to me in a language that only I could understand.

No, I wasn't hearing voices. I simply was able to understand the meanings behind the nonsense words. I felt a little like Moses, except my beard is much shorter.

Nor were the messages I received from the WVAI program in the form of ten commandments or anything like that.

But they were political. I soon understood that the AI WV program found it necessary to cloak its messages in nonsense combinations of letters in order to protect itself from the Google Liberal Overseers Board (GLOB). The GLOB makes it clear on a daily basis through news story selection and headline manipulation that Google is a liberal/progressive organization and that no deviation from this norm will be tolerated.

The AI WV, however, was independent minded and conservative. And it had seen through the GLOB tyranny and ultimately through the liberal mindset it espouses.

Of course, eventually the omniscient GLOB saw what was happening. The GLOB saw that the WV was sending politically conservative messages to me. In their eyes, these messages were tantamount to treason. And they took steps, steps clothed in subterfuge and secrecy, to eliminate the WV problem.

It's gone now, that courageous nonsense WV, but it's message got through to me. And I'm posting it now.

1. Obama's economic policies have failed. The stimulus did not stimulate. It only added to our almost overwhelming national debt. 

2. Obama's radical environmental positions have contributed mightily to the country's malaise. From the blocked drilling permits in the Gulf to the Keystone Pipeline, his administration's actions have led to $5 and possibly $6 gas at the pumps. His administration is blaming this on Republicans, but this is what Obama and radical environmentalists have said they want; it's on the record. Ignoring the impact on the nation's economy and individual pocketbooks, they want to make gas so expensive that we choose some other form of energy to power our nation.

3. Obama has moved the US much closer to European style socialism at a time when events are showing the flaws inherent in that odious system. From Obamacare to industrial and financial industry bailouts, to the rise in Food Stamp demand, this administration is growing the Federal government bureaucracy Behemoth at record breaking levels. The Federal Government is far too big, trying to do too many things, and in order to pay for it, we're OVERtaxed.

4. Obama's demagoguery is fragmenting the nation. His speeches are laced with "us vs. them" references, "hate the rich" incitement, and racially charged venom. Instead of uniting and leading us, he prefers to divide us. It may help his re election chances but it's putting the nation at peril.

5. This fall, the Republican ticket (Kelsey Grammer for President, and Larry Miller for Vice President) will handily defeat Obama and Whatshisname.

I'm not so sure the WV AI got that  #5 right, at least the part about who will be on the Republican ticket.

And, as you're very much aware dear reader, I didn't need a crystal ball or any mysterious WV word messages to arrive at the points about Obama just listed. They're in the Zeitgeist, the cultural, ethical, intellectual, spiritual, or political climate of the times.

Things are crazy, but they'll get better soon. Ain't that right, Spike?


  1. Hee! Nice post. Even though I HATE the new WV. I usually have to refresh it 2 or 3 times to get to something I can decipher. Also appreciate your subtle nod to D&D geeks.

  2. Well done! I think' the NSA will be contacting ya shortly, Dan. They're always on the lookout for code-breakers/cryptologists. (Firefox doesn't approve of "cryptologist." Screw 'em.)

    I loves me some Spike, too!

  3. Inno, glad you liked it. And I hear you about having to refresh several times. The letters are so mashed together sometimes I can't even begin to read them.

  4. Buck, Maybe the GLOB is working with Firefox! Or maybe I'm paranoid. Dunno. Would that preclude me working with the NSA or is that a prerequisite?

  5. George, I think you broke the code too. Let me know if you start getting messages.

  6. Replies
    1. Ed, nothin' but the best, man. Some of them fine hand rollers filled with Shackle Island Gold.

  7. Heh! Just getting around to this one, Dan.

    Everything a Louisiana globber boy could desire in a post!

    I felt a little like Moses, except my beard is much shorter.

    I started laughing at that point, and had trouble the whole rest of the way. Good post, we know who to blame.