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The Cumberland Post
My Backyard, Six Miles from the Cumberland River

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Footprints in the Snow

It's still pretty cold here on Super Bowl Sunday so I thought I'd post another pic of the snow a week ago. This view of our home is about half way down the driveway, looking toward the house not the road. The house is a precut Lindal Chalet (36 years old now) which came on a railway freight car from either Washington or Oregon, I forget which. A friend of mine helped me unload everything and bring it to the construction site.

The other pic below shows my footprints in the snow after I went to get the mail. The road is at the bottom of the hill, almost invisible because of the snow. The road is bordered on both sides by hills, making it what we call a hollow or 'holler' in these parts.

I labeled this post "Footprints in the Snow" after a famous Bluegrass song by Bill Monroe, often called the Father of Bluegrass. Until he died a few years ago, he lived in the same area, way on back in another 'holler.'

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  1. Beautiful, but I think you should ship that house back to Oregon. You can have my double-wide.