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The Cumberland Post
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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Snow Bird Is on the Wing

There's snow on my Nandina. Yuk yuk.

I love Nandinas. We have several around the house. When I went out today, I noticed that last week's snow was still lingering on the Nandinas growing by the back deck which is in shadow most of the day.

It's still there from this past weekend. Old folks used to say, "snow that lingers is waiting around for more."

I hope it doesn't come Saturday. We're going with friends to a festival featuring hand made Dulcimers in a nearby town. Our friends' son is an artisan who has crafted several of these old time instruments. I might get a few pics when we go.

It's gray out now and it's about 25, and it was 14 degrees last night. More snow is forecast for Sunday night and Monday.

Dallas got a record 12 inches this morning. The Snowbird is on the wing this year. Anne Murray from 1973.

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