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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Modest Proposal: Let's Hold Congress to the Same Standard they Hold Corporations

I lease a 2009 Toyota Avalon which we've put over 16,000 miles on with no problems, but naturally I'm concerned. We've reviewed the steps necessary to safely stop the car should it suddenly accelerate. And we've scheduled a visit to the dealer to have the vehicle repaired in the near future.

Of course Congress is getting in on the action and an investigative panel is now grilling Toyota's leaders. Politicians are lining up to take their potshots ask their questions of the auto giant's leaders and get their photo opportunities to ensure reelection to represent their constituents' interests back home.

I don't deny that this investigation may eventually help consumers, but I think media exposure of these problems and econcomic pressures consumers will bring to bear on Toyota (reduced sales, lawsuits, etc.) will probably produce more results in the long run. But this congressional investigative panel has given me an idea.

Suppose Congress is held to the same standards as the automaker and we put together a citizen panel to investigate its recent actions, including pork stuffed stimulus programs, laws requiring banks and mortgage companies to make unsafe loans, auto companies (GM, Chrysler) nationalization, etc.

What quality standards you ask? Let's look to the auto companies for help here. says that according to Consumer Reports magazine, "the ratio of reports for experiencing such a problem [sudden acceleration] on 2008 model-year vehicle from Toyota Motor Corporation is about one in nearly 50,000."

So, if we find that more than one Congressionally approved and initiated law/program that has resulted in serious problems for the country per 50,000 such actions, the whole institution itself will be held accountable.

I think the panel would be very busy don't you?

But if there's time, and I think the panel could find it, we could do an investigation into the current President's programs and actions as well.

Thomas Sowell in "Economic Whodunnit" says, "It's not that politicians never learn. They learn how much they can get away with, when they can blame others."

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  1. I have long thought the we need a Congressional "citizen panel to investigate its recent actions."