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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tennessee's Palin?

An article by Chas Smith in this morning's Tennesseean, features State Representative Susan Lynn (R) from the Wilson County Mt. Juliet area (adjacent to Metro Nashville) who wants Tennessee and other states to take back some of the power originally granted them in the U.S. constitution.

Lynn and other lawmakers on her joint committee sent a letter to the other 49 states urging them to support actions restoring the powers to the states that were originally granted them in the 10th amendment.

The Tennesseean is very much a left leaning newspaper so they refer frequently to the 10th as the "so-called states rights" amendment (suggesting that many believe that issue was resolved by the Civil War) and present much negative information in the article including comments from her Democrat opponents, some who indicated a measure she backed showed that she and other Republicans had embarked on "the crazy train."

Her ideas are obviously gaining some traction. A resolution she introduced last year supporting the 10th Amendment to the U. S. constitution passed 85-2. You can get a better perspective on her views by (1)checking out her website on Blogger, (2) her campaign for State Senate website, (3) her TN General Assembly webpage, and (4) listening to her own words that Smith quotes in the article. In speaking of the Obama administration and other political leaders in Congress, she says, "They want to pass state laws that are really in the purview of the states....I just think, if they want to be state legislators, they ought to run for the state legislature."

I like that idea. And I think if many of them tried to run for state senator or representative in the area where they live they would be trounced. 
Is she the Tennessee Palin? She's been endorsed by the NRA, National Federation of Independent Businesses, Tennessee Right to Life, etc. She's been married to the same man, husband Michael, for 27 years and has two adult children. She may not be Palin. Yet. But she works for me as a Tennesseean.

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