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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow on Ground in 50 States

Marc Sheppard in American Thinker reports that

The storm that just dumped enough snow on the Florida Panhandle to force the closing of the University of West Florida has brought the official count of states with the white-stuff on the ground to a full 50.

I'm sure Alaska has snow, but Hawaii? Maybe so. Sheppard says that because of this unprecedented snowfall, Global Warming alarmists will join the rest of us in shoveling. He also says,

Of course, as they desperately cling to their claim that recent ferocious snowstorms somehow prove rather than refute manmade global warming, what they’ll be shoveling will be neither cold nor white.

A commenter on the thread added this tidbit: What about the other seven states that Obama said we have? Any snow there?

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  1. Blame El Nino. It's also why we're having a warm winter on the West Coast - hardly any snow in Vancouver.