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Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Thing He's Retiring: Gordon Votes for Obamacare

Rep. Bart Gordon (D) has been walking a tightrope during the last few years trying to keep his district's very conservative constituents placated while dancing to the music provided by his DC liberal Dem friends.

Now that he's announced his retirement his true colors are finally showing.

He voted for Obamacare yesterday. Good thing he's retiring. After this vote, he wouldn't have a prayer this fall.

Ironically, on his website, he's bragging about his efforts to keep nuclear waste out of Tennessee. I think with his yes vote on Obamacare, he just opened the door to another kind of radioactive waste. It's just as deadly and its effects just as long lasting. This heinous bill moves us closer to a European style statist, socialist government and it's unintended consequences will harm us, our children, and their children.  Goodbye Bart.

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  1. Bart's District: 37% for Obama, 40% for Kerry
    Never vote for a Blue Dog.