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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Morality, Philosophy, and Law

Watch this 8 minute video by Bill Whittle, Pajamas TV. It delivers some clear thinking about the origin of American views on morality, philosophy, and law. It's ironic that these views are considered "conservative" today because on reflection they are revolutionary.

Hat tip to Montana George. Thanks buddy!


  1. I oft wondered when I e-mail you, does it enter a black hole never to excape the forces of gravity? Well, I now know, you receive it.
    Montana george

  2. Hey George you're right; there's an e-tube attached to my email box that runs straight to this blog. If I see some goody I like, I just hit the button and presto a new post.

    As for those other emails that go into the black hole, the ones I don't post on my blog, I'll definitely respond to those in the future so you can be sure I'm receiving and enjoying them which I do.