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The Cumberland Post
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nashful R the 18th Most Litirature Siti in U.S.

This heres a post by Dapper Dan's friend, Lester Ledbetter.

Well, I never. This here study was riggered or they measured the wrong dam things. Cause us who live in Nashful (which is a siti full of the smart assedest rednecks ina worl) come up short behind dumb Nawlins an ignurant Hatlanta and that dammed buncha brain dead commie hippies outn Seetle. Kin u beeleeve they wuz first? Butt we wuz twices smart as them New Yawk yokuls which I already knowed anniway. Lika poate says, jez gimme canna sardines, a six pack, anna camo colored mossberg pump anna I'll be in hoage heaven. Onliest Ida thrown in a copy of that there playbuoy magazeene withn alla pictyures.

Our fair siti...

Resadent of Nashful as purseeved by Yankees and Hippy Blu Staters...

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