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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tennessee's Rich Hillbillies

Forbes Magazine says Loudon County, Virginia is the richest county in the nation. It's located near Washington, D.C. Definitely not hillbilly country. Do you think some of our tax dollars are ending up there by mistake? 

The magazine also says Williamson County, TN is 17th richest in the nation. This wealthy county is about 20 miles south of Nashville, but those of us in Middle Tennessee already knew about those rich hillbillies down there, didn't we? Well, okay, most of them aren't exactly hillbillies.

Forbes says,

Nashville, Tenn., suburb Williamson County and Atlanta, Ga., suburb Forsyth County are the South's only representatives--but just like the other counties on our list, they have big-city growth industries to thank for their prosperity. Nashville may be best known for country music, but it's the heavy-hitting health care giants like Hospital Corporation of America headquartered there that account for locals' wealth. Many workers in that booming industry take their paychecks home to Williamson, which has a median income of $88,316.
From Wikipedia...
Williamson County is ranked among the wealthiest counties in the country. In 2006 it was the 11th wealthiest county in the country according to the U.S. Census Bureau, but the Council for Community and Economic Research ranked Williamson County as America's wealthiest county (1st) when the local cost of living was factored into the equation with median household income....By 2006 Williamson County had a population of 160,781 representing 27.0% population growth since 2000. The census bureau lists Williamson as one of the 100 fastest growing counties in the United States for the period 2000-2005....In 2008, John McCain took the county with 69% to Barack Obama's 30%.
Here's a pic of the county seat, historic and picturesque Franklin, Tennessee, recently voted the best small town in the state.

And here's another pic of some Williamson County farmland...

And finally, a recent real estate listing from the county. This six bedroom home, on ten acres with a three stall barn, listed for $1,982,000.


  1. Follow the teachings of Dave Ramsey and Jesus Christ and you can live here too. The majority of the people who live in this county are God fearing people, care about our nation, and give BILLIONS away in charity. My wife and I are making preparations to move in this area or a neighboring county. Wonderful people, with an extreme sense of integrity and a love for freedom!