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Friday, March 26, 2010

Liberals/Media Treat Islam with Respect and Tea Partiers with Disdain

George Louvis at the American Thinker...

Every time some Muslim blows up a plane, or a train, or kills innocent people, we hear from the Left how we should not judge all Muslims because of a few extremists. Our current President tells us, not to "jump to conclusions.
Louvis is talking about the so-called "incidents" at a D.C. Tea Party protest. The Seattle Times had this to say about those protests:

In other news, tea-party protesters called John Lewis a "nigger" the other day in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol. For the record, Lewis wasn't their only target. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver was spat upon. Rep. Barney Frank, who is gay, was called "faggot."
Michelle Malkin at Town Hall:
Yet, the claims that Tea Party activists shouted "nigger" at black House Democrats remain uncorroborated. The coffin reportedly left outside Missouri Democratic Rep. Russ Carnahan's home was used in a prayer vigil by pro-life activists in St. Louis protesting the phony Demcare abortion-funding ban in Obama's deal-cutting executive order. Videotape of a supposed intentional spitting incident targeting Missouri Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleaver at the Capitol shows no such thing. Cleaver himself backed off the claim a few days later. He described his heckler to The Washington Post in more passive terms as "the man who allowed his saliva to hit my face." Slovenliness equals terrorism!

And Pat Conlon at Born Again Redneck had this to say about those incidents...

Did you hear that Dem Rep Lewis was spat on by a Tea-partier? No he wasn't. Apparently some spit flew out the guys mouth because he was yelling. That happens - especially if you have falsies. Did you hear that Dem Rep Cleaver was called nigger by a Tea-partier? Nobody actually heard it. Apparently some un-named "aide" heard it but actual footage of the "incident" shows it never happened.

Did you hear that Michael Steele and Sarah Palin are urging Republicans to kill Democrats? I watched the TV news last night and sure enough that's what they said happened. Michael Steele said "put Democrats in the firing line and target them" in the November elections and Sarah Palin said that now is not the time to give up but that we should "reload"?
Louvis points out that liberals and the mainstream media paint conservatives in the Tea Party movement with a very broad brush while at the same time taking an entirely different tack with Muslims.

Why are we told to be tolerant and not judge a whole group based on the actions of a tens of thousands of Al Qaeda members but we can condemn millions of Americans based on the actions of what 1, 10, maybe 100 Americans who called names?
Good question.

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