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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Could Be the Rain

We're blue today at the old Post. Feels like we just crashed after a 70 year high. Could be the rain, or the season, or a thousand other things.

But there is balm in Gilead. Some guitarist stumbles on a melody, a lyricist finds "some golden words" that give voice to emotion, and a singer with a voice like a shot of Jack Daniels lays them out there. And we all feel a little better. Or, at least we think we do. "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad."

There are many creeks and branches and streams that flow into the big river of country music. One of those tributaries is church hymns, gospel songs, or sacred numbers, as Lester Flatt used to call them.

This one, "Lead Me Home," written by Randy Houser and Craig Monday, is one of those rare songs that like theatrical tragedy causes a dual, seemingly paradoxical, reaction in the listener. The narrator speaks of his impending death with sadness, but it's fused with such a confidence/faith that all is not lost that it lifts him up, ennobles him in our judgment. Johnson's voice is right at home here, just the right amount of weariness and hope. And that piano. I'm six years old again. Sitting on a hard pew in the Round Lick Baptist Church.

"Lead Me Home."


  1. Jamey has just about the perfect country voice, doesn't he? The first song is hard for me to listen to these days, and has been for some time. It cuts a lil close to the bone for me. I see what you're on about in the second tune, however. I hope I can generate that kind of internal thought/feeling when my time comes.

    re: the Winter Blahs. I'm on the cusp of that thang and suspect they'll move in towards the middle of next week. The weather and shorter days have drastic impact on our state of mind; the holidays don't help (for me, anyhoo). Hang in there, Dan!

  2. Dapper Dan:
    Crappy weather will get to you, sho' nuff!
    Two good songs for deep thinking. "Lead Me Home"
    is a song I bet I have heard a hundred times in my former profession. It's a snot slinger and a tear jerker for sure! When I feel 'Ol Man Depression" sneaking up on me, I remember Scarlet
    O'Hara's words..."I'll think about that tomorrow". Like Buck said, "hang in there, Dan!"

  3. Dan, that was smooth. Man, I haven't followed it much lately, so I don't think I've heard Jamey before.

    That was good.

    We're a little blue 'round here, too. Winter seems to sap me more each year. But, Spring will get here. It always does.

    Thanks for those, Dan.

  4. Buck, Sorry 'bout that first song, I understand what you're saying. As far as the WX, looks like we might get a little sunshine on Sunday. That always helps.

  5. Hey Scooney, Your "snot slinger" song category made me LMAO. If that's not a grammy category, it should be!

  6. Andy, Winter is definitely a downer, but I wouldn't want to live anywhere that doesn't have that season. It just ain't natural.