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The Cumberland Post
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Christmas Tree, A Heartless Yellow Chick and Rupert the Redbird

Two items.

First our Christmas tree. Joyce loves to decorate and at Christmastime she goes into creative overdrive. I'll snap another shot in the daytime later, because it looks just as good in daylight. We do like the warm night time glow, though. It uplifts the spirit a bit. (Click on either pic for a bigger view.)

Second, there's a very frustrated redbird in our neighborhood. For the past 7-8 days, Rupert (let's call him that) has made an appearance at our window every morning. He sits in the large Euonymus bush/tree next to our kitchen window and looks longingly at the yellow glass chick in the window. It's clear there's some chemistry at work here because Rupert frequently hovers on the small window sill to see if he can get a response from this yellow ice maiden. Of course the heartless yellow chick is unmoved by his advances. Her bright yellow color and red comb are driving him crazy. We took several pics through the glass (thus the reflections) but this is the best we could get so far. If Rupert continues his campaign, we'll try again.

1 comment:

  1. Your tree is beautiful, Dan. So warm!

    I know how that redbird feels. All TOO well, unfortunately.