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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Titans Last Chance

After their humiliating loss to Houston last week, I thought the Titans' season was over. But not quite. First, the perennial division winner, the P. Manning led Indianapolis Colts, are having a bad year.

Second, the Titans have five games remaining. They play Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Houston, Kansas City, and then Indy again. And right now, Jacksonville is in first place in the AFC South; their overall record is 6-5 and in the conference they are 5-3 (2-1 division) . Indy is in second place with a 6-5 overall and 4-4 conference record (1-2 division). The Titans are third at 5-6 overall and 2-5 conference (1-1 division). Houston is on the bottom at 5-7 and 4-4 conference (2-2 division).

So the Titans are still in it. If they can win today.

Positive: They beat Jacksonville 30-3 earlier this year with Kerry Collins at Quarterback. With Vince Young out for the season (and taking drama lessons in L. A.), Collins is probably going to start today.

Negative: They've lost 4 in a row.

As a Cubs fan, I'm always optimistic. I say they'll win today and keep their playoff hopes alive.


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  1. Ouch! They lost? I don't have cable or Commercial TV. I view the NFL games via my PC. I bought NFL Rewind. You can watch all the Sunday games starting at 10:30pm on Sunday night. You get to watch MNF starting Wednesday morning. Thus far this season, I've been watching the games Monday morning when I get up, however, I've been super busy this week and only, thus far, have seen the first quarter of the Titans-Jags game, as of this comment (Wednesday). Our defense looks weak. The Collins goes three and out. I'm not optamistic. RB Jones-Drew scares me. I don't think we can stop him. Soooo, what's my point?I'll watch the remainder tonight....They LOST?...darn!