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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Humpday Grumbles and Rambles

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of this zombie crap. People have put zombies in everything from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice to a bigoted tv show set in the state of Georgia. If this is what passes for creativity today, we're in bad shape.

And while I'm on this esthetic tangent, I can't stand all that Vampire crapola either. These "artists" who make this stuff up and the actors who portray their idiotic characters are all a bunch of whiny CGI dependent losers.

All of this stuff should be scraped up into a big pile somewhere in Arkansas and set on fire. The US would be a lot better off without it.

Moving on.

There's this Popularity Poll that our fair city of Nashville did pretty well on. The Harris Interactive poll group asked this question to a whole bunch of people:

"If you could live in or near any city in the country except the one you live in or nearest to now, which city would you choose?" Click the link to see their findings.  Even though Nashville made the list, I don't find the company we keep on the list very appealing. NYC is #1; does anyone really want to live there anymore?

Apparently so. Also, there are three cities from California, including LA and San Francisco. Ugh. And the capper is that Atlanta is on the list; they're actually tied with Nashville at #7. Geez. Have the people who voted for this awful place ever been to Atlanta?

Forget the Mayans and their end of time predictions, Nashville is one of eight cities where billboards are up proclaiming that Jesus is coming again, this time on May 21, 2011. The founder of Family Radio, Harold Camping, has made the prediction based on a verse in Luke 17. BTW, for those of you born after 1970, Luke is a book in the New Testament of the Bible.

History is filled with others who have made similar prophecies, such as William Miller. Wikipedia says Miller "first predicted the Second Advent of Jesus Christ would occur before March 21, 1844. When this date passed a new date was predicted, April 18, 1844. Again the date passed and another Millerite, Samuel S. Snow, found a way to extend the date to October 22, 1844. The un-fulfillment of these predictions has been named the Great Disappointment." Another fellow, Charles Taze Russell, the first president of the Watchtower Society, predicted Christ's return in 1874.

As some of you may remember, our state song "The Tennessee Waltz" took on new meaning some time ago. It was the name given to an FBI sting targeting state legislators. Two of those convicted in the case and now serving time, Roscoe Dixon and John Ford, are in the news again. Both men are working with their lawyers to get an early release date. The FBI sting was revealed back in 2005 and resulted in several indictments.

As you probably expected, this last bit was just an excuse to post a ViewTube of the real Tennessee Waltz. This is the Bonnie Raitt and Norah Jones version; Raitt does a nice slide on this and Jones, as always, has mucho soul.


  1. My favorite TN Waltz is the one you posted earlier this year by JLL. The "1980 Caribou Session" at the Caribou Lodge by Jerry Lee Lewis which is NOT commerically available. It has since been pulled from youtube due to copyright infringement. The individual who ownes the rights to the session was not satisified with the audio quality so it has never been released.
    There are approx 18 tunes to the session, mostly gospel.
    PS: Sara loves this version. She made me hook up the lap top to the stereo speaker system.

  2. First things first: Bonnie!! And Norah!!!

    re: cities, and especially NYC. What ever happened to "Nice place to visit, wouldn't wanna live there" thing? My favorite city of all time is London; I think that's the only city I can (honestly) say I'd like to live in. I got a kick out of the "Hockey Tonkin" ad on the arena, btw. But you prolly knew I would.