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Monday, December 6, 2010

Ralph Stanley: I'm Going Home, It's Christmas Time

Ralph Stanley is one of our favorites way back here in Allen Hollow. We loved him and his music long before "O Brother." Of course, we liked his work on "O Brother" too. Here's what Wikipedia says about how he and his brother Carter started their career:

"After initially considering a course in 'veterinary,' he decided to throw in with his older guitar-playing brother, Carter, and form the Clinch Mountain Boys, in 1946. Drawing heavily on the musical traditions of the area, which included the unique minor-key singing style of the Primitive Baptist Universalist church and the sweet down-home family harmonies of the Carter Family, the Stanleys began playing on local radio stations."

From his 1994 album, "Christmas Time with Ralph Stanley," here's "I'm Going Home, It's Christmas Time."

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