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The Cumberland Post
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Montana Post

My good friend George in Montana sent me an email this morning. Here 'tis.

Summer's almost here. We can now see the deer moving around in our backyard. 

Thanks, George. One little pic like that helps put our own weather complaints into perspective.

And, in keeping with the "Montana" theme, and honoring my pledge not to post Merle Haggard's "Big City" again, I found this little gem about Montana from 1939 on youtube. It features a girl singer named Patsy Montana and the song is "Back on the Montana Plains."


  1. Dan, that was a TRIP! Man, I love me some old cowgirl sangin'! Reminds me of my days living out West...the Bar-D Wranglers, Cowboy Poetry Festivals, etc.

    Man, I had not seen that you changed your header, because I read your posts in my The GoobleReader. When I logged in to comment I seen that y'all lives up north due to the blanket of white stuff...So why does UT, and Vandy play the SEC?

    These are questions that MUST be answered.

    And, why in the mortal Hades have you made a pledge not to post that fabulous Merle classic?

    Again, a question that MUST be answered. Well, not really...I'm sure you've got your own reasons, and I'm not one to pry.

    So glad that Joyce is progressing, and super happy that it seems you both have "chin-up." It's gotta be tough. Seriously, our prayers are with you all. Let us know if we can do anything.

    Man, that's a hollow thing to say, huh? But I really mean it. If we can do ANYTHING, let us know.

  2. Well, I made it to the yodeling whereupon I hit this big-ass brick wall. Hard. There are some things in life that are just WRONG, and Patsy's yodeling has been added to my Big List of Stuff That's Just Wrong.

    The Montana Plains. Heh. I swore when I left that I would NEVER go back. I didn't leave anything there, other than not so fond memories, yet I did go back for a brief visit in 2000. The only thing that had changed was the town where I lived in 1977 (pop 250) had lost about 50 people. You can draw an obvious conclusion about the desirability of the place from that.

  3. Andy, I've posted the Merle classic a couple of times already, but this is a pledge that can easily be broken. And thanks for the support you expressed for Joyce; I've told her about the well wishes you, George, Scooney, and Buck and others online have expressed, and it really means a lot to her.

    Buck, Sorry about the yodeling. I generally enjoy a good yodel but I'll have to admit hers was a bit piercing. I've never been to Big Sky country but my friend George recently moved up there. From the pics he's posted, etc., I don't think he's located on the plains, however. That area's probably a totally different scene.

  4. After 68.5 years of never hearing of Patsy Montana,I viewed Dan's video. Sara especially enjoyed the song so I had to hear it several times during the day (via laptop to stereo). The very next night, we rented a comedy staring, Sandra Bullock named "All About Steve". Well, 32 minutes & 10 sec. into the movie, they played her #1 hit, "I Want to be A Cowboy's Sweetheart". The end credits listed "written & performed by Patsy Montana, courtesy of MCA Nashville, Division of UMG Recordings.
    I'll chalk it up to Rod Serling's Twlight Zone.

    Buck, you're right about the plains of Montana. I never understood why Haggard's "Big City" wanted to be in the middle of Montana. When you think Montana, think WEST Montana. That's where the beauty lies.

  5. George, things be strange in this hyar life!

    I had actually heard of Patsy Montana. But, I had no idea that she was behind "I Want To Be A Cowboy Sweetheart."

    Dang! As much as I do not miss the snow, cold weather, and hardship of living in LaPlata County, CO,...I sure do miss the music, laid back life, and Western music.