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The Cumberland Post
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Morning Music: Tony Vice, "Let's Ride into the Sunset Together"

One of the great songs Joyce and I recently discovered via our grandson's interest in a video game called Fallout New Vegas is a cowboy song by Tony Vice, "Let's Ride into the Sunset Together." We both turned 70 last year and celebrated our 50th anniversary in August. Needless to say, we like this song a lot.

Tony's had a long and colorful career. You can listen to some more of his songs on youtube and read about him on his website: RedWing Ranch. The song below is another one I've taken a liking to; it's called "Good Friends Met Along the Trail." I'm thinking not only of all those great friends I met in my real experience but those online as well. Enjoy.

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  1. Hey, My name is Noody. I've played Fallout NV for a while now. And this is the bet song you'll hear from the game.